Simpson Additional SNELL 2010 Shields

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Product Description

84300 Series fits Devil Ray helmets

89400 Series fits Bandit, Super Bandit, Carbon Bandit, Drag Bandit, and CH3NO2 helmets

88200A Series fits Voyager, Model 410 helmets

89900 Series fits K10 and Kart Helmets

86030 Series fits Street Bandit helmets

84500 Series fits Venator helmets


IMPORTANT NOTE: SNELL 2005 rated helmet shields do not fit SNELL 2010 helmets for some models.


Simpson helmet shields are offered in clear as well as stylish and functional tints. When ordering a shield for your racing or motorcycle helmet, keep these considerations in mind.
Clear shields are generally used for night racing or very low light conditions
Amber shields provide a minimal amount of tinting that's ideally suited to overcast weather
Yellow visors are often used in dawn or dusk driving, as they tend to accentuate track features
Tinted shields can help to eliminate glare during daytime driving
Some people find that mirrored shields block even more sunlight than tinted shields and Iridium shields provide the most protection from both sunlight and glare

Shield Care/Cleaning

To preserve the exterior anti-scratch treatment and the interior anti-fog treatment the Venator shields should be cleaned with only Acrysol shield cleaner applied using a standard paper towel. 

Key features:

Will not damage shield coatings
Safe to use on most painted or plastic surfaces
Should be used with a regular paper towel and not a micro fiber cloth
No lingering odor
No film residue


Directions for use: 

1.     Spray Acrysol on a clean paper towel to saturate.

2.     Wipe shield with saturated paper towel to clean.

3.     Wipe dry with clean paper towel.