DEATSCHWERKS DWR2000 Fuel Pressure Regulator

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DWR2000 is an adjustable, universal fuel pressure regulator that is designed to handle 750HP to 2000HP range and has consistently outperformed against competing products:

  • 100% Ethanol Compatibility
  • Precision Ball Bearing Pressure Adjustment 
  • Maximum Installation Flexibility 
  • Highest Quality and Value 
  • 3-Year Comprehensive Warranty

Weight:  0.395kg
External Materials: Anodized T6061 Aluminum
Hardware / Bracket: Stainless Steel
Tension Spring: High Carbon Steel
Diaphragm: 45mm Fiber-Nitrile
Pressure Range: 30~100 psi
Flow Rating: 1000 LPH+
HP Rating: 2000 HP+
Gauge Port Fitting: 1/8" NPT
Inlet Ports: -10AN ORB X 2 Inlet
Outlet Ports:
-8AN ORB X 1 Outlet


About DEATSCHWERKS Regulators |
Adjustable fuel pressure regulators are simple mechanical devices that have not changed much over the decades and are often taken for granted. However, if you have ever experienced a failed diaphragm, fluctuating fuel pressure, or hot/cold start issues that inferior regulators can cause, you will appreciate the DWR1000 and DWR2000 adjustable fuel pressure regulators.  Development of the DW regulators started with a comprehensive evaluation of the popular regulators already on the market. DW regulators were benchmarked against 5 of the leading regulators on the market and designed to outperform all across multiple categories.