ATS Carbon Twin Pull Clutch Kit Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 97-07

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ATS was established in October, 1995 by people who had extensive knowledge and experience in domestic formula car racing from the era of FL500. The primary mission of the ATS was to provide an ideal LSD (Limited Slip Differential) to the racing industry based on the enormous research and development.

Are you sick of heavy pedal effort or harsh engagemnet of performance pull type clutches? With the world wide patent pending "Double Action Release mechanism", ATS has shattered the conventional pull type clutch concept.

  • Double Action Release Mechanism
  • Incredibly Easy Operation for Both Street and Track
  • 11kg-12kg Effort Range, typically lighter than most OEM Clutches
  • Wider Engagement Point (Slipping Point) For Easier Launch
  • Crisp Engagement
  • 740 HP | 78kg.m Capacity
  • 1,300kg Clamping Force
  • Worldwide Patent Pending
  • Mitsubishi Evolution 4-9 97-07